Small Details - Immediate and BIG Results!

Jan 17, 2021

How to Eliminate Brace in Your Horse to Increase Safety, Trust, Confidence and Connection

In this video, you will learn how to easily read your own horse's - sometimes very subtle - body language and feedback. You will discover how adjusting small details within your own actions will help your horse to build more trust, confidence and connection with you. The true foundation of being and staying safe while enjoying quality time with your equine partner!

The Small but Important...

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Happy Horse Saddling: Reading our Horse's Body Language

Dec 10, 2020


Hello and welcome to another GENUINE CONNECTIONS LESSON. (delivered in 4 bite sized videos, video #1 above!). 

Do you know a horse that

  • Has to be tied in order to be saddled
  • Gives negative feedback about the saddling process
  • Stands still but is tense and tight while saddling
  • Moves when the rider wants to get on
  • Has a hard time to relax under saddle
  • Easily shies and is unconfident while riding
  • Wants to go faster and faster under saddle
  • Displays any scary or even dangerous...
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Natural Horse Habitat™: The Foundation

Dec 09, 2020

The Natural Horse Habitat™, abbreviated as NHH, is more than just a track or using slow-feed hay nets. It’s a holistic system to keep your horse naturally, with an emphasis on fulfilling your horses' needs AND making a difference for yourself – and the planet we live on. It’s the first building block of Genuine Connections and the foundation for our horse to live with mental, emotional and physical balance so she can be the partner you are dreaming of!

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