Small Details - Immediate and BIG Results!

Jan 17, 2021

How to Eliminate Brace in Your Horse to Increase Safety, Trust, Confidence and Connection

In this video, you will learn how to easily read your own horse's - sometimes very subtle - body language and feedback. You will discover how adjusting small details within your own actions will help your horse to build more trust, confidence and connection with you. The true foundation of being and staying safe while enjoying quality time with your equine partner!

The Small but Important Details

After teaching horses and humans for the last 30 years, I know that most "horse problems" start with seemingly unrelated, small details in our daily interactions with our horses. Often I find, even for the most seasoned HorseWoMan, small adjustments make ALL the difference. As simple as it may sound: Problems start when we overlook small communication troubles in our everyday tasks such as feeding, approaching, haltering, leading, passing through gates, picking feet and other riding preparations. Thank goodness, it is so easy to adjust those details to set our Self AND our horse up for success.

When we set the stage for our horse to willingly open up to trust and connection, our horse will become a safe, confident and engaged partner - on line, at liberty as well as under saddle. Whatever your level of HorseManShip is, you can easily discover how to communicate from the Heart. This video and my WholeHearted Communication Guide will show you the HOW, WHAT, WHERE AND WHEN. Just click here to access the WHC Guide now. It's free, and will give you instant step-by-step solutions!

Many Horses Have Learned that Compliance is Vital to Survival

Brace leads to



and sometimes even FIGHT reactions.

Many trainers believe in applying and releasing pressure to cause horses to comply with what they are asking them to do. Being prey animals, horses WILL seek relief from pressure to find safety and comfort. Many times, horses eventually comply while simultaneously building up brace and resentment. Here are a few things that might show that your horse is not connected

  • (S)he chooses to walk away when a human shows up or the halter comes off
  • is pushy/dominant during feed times
  • is hard to lead
  • does not cooperate when being saddled and bridled
  • walks off when the human tries to mount
  • refuses to go forward
  • becomes hard to control while riding - spooking, bucking and balking might ensue
  • refuses to trailer
  • and many more "horse problems"...

Many times these horses will look "calm and quiet" on the outside but are emotionally and mentally distressed. Watch my video to learn about small, subtle signs that show built-up brace and tension that you might have not noticed before. Brace and tension that can cause connection and communication problems all the way to unwanted, potentially dangerous behavior.

Meet Sheila

I chose sweet Sheila for this video because she is a perfect example of a very common situation. While now living the good life with loving owners, Sheila has a past - like so many horses. Lots of negative reinforcement has caused her to cope and comply by freezing- mentally, emotionally and physically. This brace makes it impossible for horses to open up to genuinely connect with us humans. Unless we actively offer support to change, the horse will repeat what (s)he has learned in the past. In the video below, watch closely as I walk you through Sheila's behavior patterns. It will give you many ideas how to reassess your own horse's interactions! And you might be surprised what you find out...

Since Sheila does not dare to walk away,  it is easy to overlook her subtle body language and mistake her for a quiet, calm horse. Sheila is indeed quiet but not calm. The fact that she holds her breath and tenses her body has caused explosive behavior in the past. With a human on her back, she finally could not comply anymore and was at times violently bucking. Episodes that seemed to come "out of the blue" when her way of coping by FREEZING was misinterpreted as being quiet and calm.

Her new owners have therefore refrained from riding her to keep themselves as well as Sheila safe. This is a good decision that shows understanding for horse and human. The goal is to help Sheila lead an engaged and connected life by honoring her feedback and adjusting our actions to help her RELEASE emotional, mental and physical brace. Once Sheila realizes that she is being heard and acknowledged she will connect with trust and confidence, therefore becoming a safe partner.

This is true for every horse: There truly is yet another level of connection available to you and your horse - no matter your level of HorseManShip.

That's why it is SO important to know that horses can easily build up brace while engaging in simple EveryDay routines. This accumulative brace can result in dangerous behavior and things going wrong "out of the blue". But it doesn't have to be that way! I go into great details to address the 4 Stumbling Blocks that keep us for creating GENUINE CONNECTION in my WholeHearted Communication Guide.

This guide book and video is a gift from me to YOU for being an awesome partner for your horse by expanding your knowledge about horse behavior and wanting to become the human your horse needs you to be.

Watch my video above, then download the WHC Guide Book and observe how easy it is to help your horse release brace and tension by paying attention to small details and adjusting your actions in simple but effective ways. You will get Immediate and Big Results by learning the how and why!

The WholeHearted Communication Guide

will show you 17 Hands-on Solutions to help your horse release brace to become a more trusting, confident and connected, safe Partner. WholeHearted Communication is the foundation for growth, progress and GENUINE CONNECTION.

YES, with my help, YOU CAN fulfill your dreams and progress easily. It is available to you at no cost. Period.



As always, I LOVE to connect with YOU! So write down your INSIGHTS below. Tell me what you've learned and what you will do differently after watching this GENUINE CONNECTIONS video... Post away in the comment section and thank you so much for watching!

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