Set Yourself AND Your Horse up for Success
with my Unique, One-of-a-Kind Support System






Horses are amazing beings! Spending time with them online, at liberty and while riding can be extremely rewarding...

It can always be frustrating, demoralizing and dangerous!

I totally get it: After a very scary, confident shattering riding experience about 20 years ago, I was ready to give up on MY DREAM!

When I stopped listening to traditional horse training advice ("Don't be a wheenie. Get over yourself. Show the horse who's boss!")...

THAT'S when I discovered how horse AND human can feel safe, secure and confident TOGETHER!



• Are you struggling to make the relationship with your horse work?

• Would you like to give up pressure, control and treat-based training to create real, true and genuine Inter-Connection?

• Are you craving a deeper level of connection, understanding, peace and joy and more confidence?

• Are you tired of memberships that give you a lot of different videos but no real support?

• Do you need more than a generic how-to-course and a weekly or quarterly Q&A?

• Have you done the weekend clinic experience but when you come home problems resurfaced all over again? 

• Are your neighbors stuck in old belief systems, don't relate to your heart-centered approach and make you even feel bad?

• Are you surrounded by traditional horse trainers & old fashioned 'show the horse who's boss' instructors and YOU feel STUCK and alone?...


Your and Your Horse's Journey to Inter-Connection

During the 10 Week Relationship (Re)Start Success Program you will create your own individualized journey and experience with my daily support within our kind, caring and super heart-centered members-only Community.

We will start with a one-on-one zoom call to discuss your current challenges and goals. I am here to facilitate change and transformation for you and your horse, customized to your personal situation. Together, we will take inventory what's working and what's not working yet and you will walk away with a customized strategic roadmap that will be your guiding light throughout this program.

You will start your journey with the 30 Day 'Get Started with Inter-Connection' Course where you will go through 5 lessons each week for 30 days. You will have lifetime access to this course. Worksheets, workbook, audio downloads and additional resources are also included so it's easy for you to solidify your newly found knowledge.

The first three weeks of each month are dedicated to 4 group meetings per week, scheduled Wednesday 8am, Friday 6pm, and Saturday 8am and 6pm Arizona Time. (MST winter, PDT summer). I will answer all students' questions in detail, review all video submissions step-by-step and give each student detailed, customized advise what to work on until the next group meeting. Your learning experience will therefore be exponential!

During your coaching sessions I will guide you to the elements of the Relationship (Re)Start Masterclass that are pertinent to your and your horse's journey. You will save time and become laser-focused so you can let go of control, pressure and treat-based training to build real, true and genuine Inter-Connection with your horse. Of course, you also have lifetime access to the Masterclass!

In between group meetings and during the two implementation week, you will have the opportunity to ask questions in the community on a daily basis which I will answer personally. Also, make sure you share your wins and ask for support as needed. Don't forget to cheer on your peers. We are all here to support EACH OTHER!

All meetings are recorded and during your time in the mentorship you have access to hundreds of hours of video footage to deepen your knowledge. All students are encouraged to attend each other's coaching sessions within the community to build connection and reciprocity as a valuable part of your 10 Week (or more) experience.

Last but not least, you will be able to participate in one of the 90 Day Set & Achieve Your Goals Workshops. These workshops last about 3 hours, you can attend live or watch the recording. They are designed to help you with the process of taking consistent inventory so you will experience an exponential learning and growth journey throughout these 10 Weeks and thereafter, in your Horse•Woman•Ship as well as your EveryDayLife!

After the 10 Week Program, you will have the tools and knowledge to feel safe, secure and confident to move forward in your journey to continued Inter-Connection, Growth and Progress with your horse! Depending on your and your horse's abilities, you will have the option to continue with a monthly or yearly Mentorship Membership at a reduced rate to continue your exponential learning journey.


NOTE: During our One-on-One Zoom Call we will discuss your horse's rideability, aka mental, emotional and physical balance and your goals around riding. It's super important to address and discuss any thresholds, whether those pertain to you and/or your horse. My Pre-Ride Safety Check Sequence is a prerequisite to move on to riding - as my goal is to create safety, security and confidence for you and your horse. Some students will spend these coming 10 weeks focusing on liberty and relationship building and will opt out of riding.  Please be ready and willing to do so, focusing on your long term goal to for you and your horse to feel safe, secure and confidence in each other's presence - on the ground and while riding. By the end of the 10 Week Program you will have the tools to check your horse's rideability - and what to do if your horse is not rideable yet!

PETRA CHRISTENSEN: Your Connection & Confidence Coach & Mentor



My 40 year plus journey with horses has made it clear: It is an illusion that control keeps us - the human - safe, secure and confident around horses. Quite the contrary! The use of control and pressure-focused training techniques KEEP the horse in self-preservation and self-protection mode, CREATING scary experiences for horse AND human. Accidents are even explained as 'normal'!

Treat based training connects your horse to the treat - and NOT you... But it Does NOT Have to be This Way:

When your horse believes in you as the gatekeeper of her confidence, when you promise and deliver safety, security and confidence through your mindset as well as your actions, BOTH, you AND your horse CAN feel safe, secure and confident in each others presence! Everything becomes possible when you learn how to create INTER-CONNECTION... I show you HOW!

As certified Insight Inventory Coach, I am here to help and support YOU AND YOUR HORSE! Feel free to reach out to me with at [email protected] or call me at 520-221-9601.

xx Petra

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1. Customize your Journey with a One-on-One Zoom Call

We will start with a one-on-one zoom call to discuss your current struggles and goals so your learning journey can be fully customized for you. I am here to create the biggest achievable difference for you and your horse, tailored to your personal situation. Together, we will take inventory what's currently working and what's not working yet and you will walk away with a customized strategic roadmap that will be your guiding light throughout this program. During this initial consult you are welcome to submit a video so we can start setting you and your horse up for the utmost success!


2. Easily Start with the 30 Day Inter-Connection Course

The 30 Day 'Get Started with Inter-Connection' Course guides you through 5 lessons each week. You will learn how to stop control, pressure and even treat-based training techniques, so you can build your relationship on female Leadership Principles and Love, Peace and Understanding. You will discover the four Key Elements that create Inter-Connection - no matter how bossy, afraid or ...  your horse is. The Pre-Ride Safety Check Sequence is a vital part of the course where you will learn to assess your horse's mental, emotional and physical balance and how to help your horse stop living in self preservation and self protection whether your horse is dominant or unconfident. Lifetime access, worksheets, workbook, audio downloads etc. are included!


3. Progress with Weekly Video Coaching

Video coaching is the BEST way to fine tune your communication skills, to find, assess & dissolve mini & micro thresholds & to discover those hidden, pesky details that are currently holding you & your horse back. Being able to review/stop/rewind footage is priceless & not possible with in-person lessons. Learn from and with other like-minded students. Many of my students are in their 60's & 70's, who quickly learn how to share videos & jump with ease on our weekly zoom calls. I am here to support you! You will have the opportunity to attend 32 coaching calls during the 10 Week Program. No pressure, no overwhelm - simply choose the schedule that is right for you and your horse!  All meetings are recorded for your convenience.


4. Lifetime Acess: The Relationship (Re)Start Masterclass

The Relationship (Re)Start: Confidence for Horse & Human Masterclass builds on the 30 Day Course and includes over 100 lessons. I will share with you in further details how to - as the LEAD - create healthy boundaries for your horse, for yourself & others, how to find, address & resolve mini &micro thresholds once & for all, how to use the 3X Relation Strategy AND find Lightness with the 100 gram/3 ounces rule - in every day tasks as well as during focused exercises. You will revisit the Pre-Ride Safety Check Sequence to further assess your horse horse's mental, emotional, physical balance and rideability. You will solidify your knowledge how to help your horse let go of self preservation and self protection to avoid and eliminate scary experiences and accidents. With lifetime access you and your horse are setup for success!


5. Half Day Workshop: Review Your Goals & Progress

Progress and growth happens when we have a plan and we review our actions, goals and results and are willing to adjust as we go along. You have my full support on your journey and in this half day workshop you will go through the process of taking inventory, to look for stumbling blocks and remove them. To set big, hairy, bodacious goals and to achieve them by being willing to take the steps that are required to do so. All of this happens in a Community that is kind, caring and supportive. So what if something didn't work. There are no mistakes when we learn from the experience. Together, we will figure out the WHY and HOW to positively solve the issue at hand. You will learn how to get unstuck and consistently move forward in your ˙Horse•Woman•Ship AND in your EveryDayLife - no matter what!


6. Feel the Love in our Kind & Caring Support Community

Mentorship Member since May 2022 Angel Ben from Australia calls our Community the 'pink diamond in the hay stack' and 'the family I have always dreamed of'. Never feel alone in your quest to be a heart-centered, female horse lover! With students from around the world, our one-of-a-kind Community is build on reciprocity: Everybody shares their videos, everybody receives one-on-one coaching, everybody gives and receives support. Cheering each other on for a whole-hearted learning journey that's fun and encouraging: Share your triumphs and share your challenges so we can get you back on track asap. Progress and grow consistently, knowing you can ask daily questions - answered by me personally. It's like having me in your pocket with a worldwide family as a backup to boot!


7. Deepen your Knowledge with our Mentorship Library

No other course or clinic will give you the opportunity to access hundreds of hours of video coaching sessions, featuring students and horses from around the world, applying the Principles of Genuine Connections HorseWomanShip with my help. Each lesson is catalogued with searchable hashtags for easy access & exponential learning. Whether you are looking for examples on how to release brace and tension during haltering or picking feet, create relaxation in movement, stop your horse from wanting to nip, bite, strike, buck, shy or getting back in the saddle safely and with ease... Whatever the problem, we've encountered it over the last few years so you can see other students - just like you - working through the program. Our community is built on reciprocity: As long as you are a member of the Mentorship, you have access to this vast library!


Case Studies & Results, Shared by my Students


"I'm 72 Years old, my horse is twenty.
It's Never too Late!"


Linda's fell pony Bobby was often worried which caused him to shut down, making him not safe to ride. When Linda did Liberty, Bobby refused to stick around and took off. He would also crowd her personal space. Her dream to take her granddaughter out on the trail was out of question because she felt riding Bobby away from home safely wasn't possible...


"I found Petra, and it has been amazing. I've had horses for over 50 years and with Petra's Program my heart explodes when I see the relationship with my horses blossom in front of my eyes."

Linda Racette Hill with Bobby



"Harry nearly killed me
prior to joining Petra's Program!"


 When Angel got Harry, she knew he would be a tough case. He had spent a year in the bush alone which caused him to be in total self preservation and self protection. He had broken a farrier's hand, charged and ran people over, broken tie rails, bit people during saddling, bucked everybody off: His barn name was "Horrible Harry"...


"I call Harry now Sweatheart! Your Mentorship Program has opened my eyes to the importance of paying attention to the very tiny details of my horse and his communication. It gives me a step by step guide to retraining us both. Your Mentorship program allows the learning for both me and Harry to be accelerated because you are holding my hand and his hooves through the video sessions so it’s all personalised guidance as if you were here with me in Australia. Plus... I must say, the Mentorship community is like the family I have always dreamed of!" 

Angel Ben with Harry

 For Dedicated Horse Lovers Who Want to Create Real, Lasting, Positive Change versus Quick Fix Band-Aids!

My Mentorship Success Path Program

is Limited to a Small Group of Dedicated Students

 Your Learning Journey is Customized to Your & Your Horse's Needs:


1. One-on-One One Hour Zoom Call where I will personalize your 10 Week Success Roadmap for you & your horse

2. Easily Start with the 30 Day Inter-Connection Course - my step-by-step Video Course with easy to digest lessons

3. Continue Progress with Weekly One-on-One Video Coaching in our fabulous closed community, learn with and from like minded female horse lovers

4. Continue to expand your knowledge with Lifetime Access to the Relationship (Re)Start Masterclass

5. Stay in the Game - Review Your Goals & Progress 90 Day Goal Setting Workshop - Live

6. Feel the Love in our Kind & Caring Support Community, connect with other like minded horse lovers from around the world
7. 10 Weeks of Access to the Mentorship Library - hundreds of hours of video coaching sessions, easily searchable with key words - priceless!

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