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If you are looking for a Step-by-Step Program with High Touch, Individualized Support based on LEADmare Principles & Love, Peace & Understanding - YOU are in the Right Spot!


 It is an illusion that control keeps us - the human - safe, secure and confident. Quite the contrary! The use of control and pressure-focused training techniques KEEP the horse in self-preservation and self-protection mode, CREATING scary experiences for horse AND human. Accidents are even explained as 'normal'...

Treat based training connects your horse to the treat - and not YOU...

But it Does NOT Have to be That Way:

When your horse believes in you as the gatekeeper of her confidence, when you promise safety, security and confidence through your mindset as well as your actions, BOTH, you AND your horse CAN feel safe, secure and confident in each others presence! Everything becomes possible when you learn how to create INTER-CONNECTION...

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HI! I'M PETRA... 20 plus years ago, I had a super scary riding accident which eventually caused me to questions EVERYTHING I had learned about horses - whether it's traditional horse training and even natural horsemanship.

Since then, I have helped over one thousand students and horses around the world to create a different kind of a relationship, based on INTER-CONNECTION, NOT CONTROL! I have seen WHAT WORKS and what DOESN'T WORK - what brings progress, and what causes delays and frustrations - for horse and human!

To take the guess work out of horse training and to show that control, dominance and pressure is unnecessary, I developed a unique, step-by-step formula based on rhythm, relaxation & connection, love, peace & understanding and the Principles of the LEADmare, called GENUINE CONNECTIONS HorseWomanShip.

In order to share my program with the world and create positive change for horse and humans, I created an Online Membership, Masterclass and Mentorship Program. I also offer in person clinics at your location and retreats at my private SoulFire Farm in Southern Arizona. 

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I Have Taught over 1,000 Students & Their Horses

HOW to Feel Safe, Secure and Confident in Each Others Presence!

Julie Graham
United Kingdom

I have to say I have never known anyone as generous as you Petra! What you give to people and horses - and the content of what is in the course - goes way more than any other course I've done or known. You are phenomenal! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the tools to go forward with my beloved horses. You are a light in the darkness for horses and people and may it continue to shine on so brightly.


I'm really loving your master class. I'm listening in when I can and watch the same video a few times to soak in all your knowledge. I feel more at ease the more I see how relaxed She is with all our ground work you have taught us and in turn Sarah is growing so much confidence to do a lot of the tasks on her own (with me watching on of course). You have made this journey so much less scary and 100% safer! Thank you so much!

 Shari White
United States

You are in my head every time I am with my horses!

My relationship with them all is SOOOO much better since I have been learning from you!

You are an amazing woman and you are changing the world for so many of us!

My horses and I love you so much...

Thank you!

Janine Schroeder
United States

Seriously who is this horse??

Kaspin took off from the barn again - on a mission, with ears pointing forward! Went down to the normally scary part of property. There even were deer in the woods! Kaspin could care less and even wanted to go off property! Kaspin walked around between our stuff like no big deal. Normally this would bother him.

This stuff is mind blowing, Petra Christensen!

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