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Kind & Caring,
In Person  SUPPORT:

The GENUINE CONNECTIONS Retreat and Intensives are for you if you are...

1.  A heart-centered horse owner who would like to let go of control, pressure and even treat based training techniques to create an inter-connected relationship with your horse based on safety, secure and confidence for horse and human

2. A heart-centered horse lover who is longing for more safety, security and confidence in your EveryDayLife and you would like to apply LEADmare Principles based on Love, Peace and Understanding in your EveryDayLife

3. A heart-centered, equine business owner who would like to create Real, True and Genuine Connections with your current and future clients through effective social media and online educational webinars, workshop, courses, masterclasses and one-on-one coaching and/or wants to become a GENUINE CONNECTIONS Horse•Woman•Ship Coach and Mentor.

PETRA CHRISTENSEN: Your Connection & Confidence Coach & Mentor



My 40 year plus journey with horses has made it clear: It is an illusion that control keeps us - the human - safe, secure and confident around horses. Quite the contrary! The use of control and pressure-focused training techniques KEEP the horse in self-preservation and self-protection mode, CREATING scary experiences for horse AND human. Accidents are even explained as 'normal'!

Treat based training connects your horse to the treat - and NOT you... But it Does NOT Have to be This Way:

When your horse believes in you as the gatekeeper of her confidence, when you promise and deliver safety, security and confidence through your mindset as well as your actions, BOTH, you AND your horse CAN feel safe, secure and confident in each others presence! Everything becomes possible when you learn how to create INTER-CONNECTION... I show you HOW!

As certified Insight Inventory Coach, I am here to help and support YOU AND YOUR HORSE! Feel free to reach out to me with at [email protected] or call me at 520-221-9601.

xx Petra

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Case Studies & Results, Shared by my Students

"I'm 72 Years old, my horse is twenty.
It's Never too Late!"


Linda's fell pony Bobby was often worried which caused him to shut down, making him not safe to ride. When Linda did Liberty, Bobby refused to stick around and took off. He would also crowd her personal space. Her dream to take her granddaughter out on the trail was out of question because she felt riding Bobby away from home safely wasn't possible...



"I found Petra, and it has been amazing. I've had horses for over 50 years and with Petra's Program my heart explodes when I see the relationship with my horses blossom in front of my eyes."

Linda Racette Hill with Bobby



"Harry nearly killed me
prior to joining Petra's Program!"


 When Angel got Harry, she knew he would be a tough case. He had spent a year in the bush alone which caused him to be in total self preservation and self protection. He had broken a farrier's hand, charged and ran people over, broken tie rails, bit people during saddling, bucked everybody off: His barn name was "Horrible Harry"...


"I call Harry now Sweatheart! Your Mentorship Program has opened my eyes to the importance of paying attention to the very tiny details of my horse and his communication. It gives me a step by step guide to retraining us both. Your Mentorship program allows the learning for both me and Harry to be accelerated because you are holding my hand and his hooves through the video sessions so it’s all personalised guidance as if you were here with me in Australia. Plus... I must say, the Mentorship community is like the family I have always dreamed of!" 

Angel Ben with Harry