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✔ 30 Day Get Started with Inter-Connection Course ($197 regular pricing)

✔ 12 monthly Strategy Roadmap Workshops that will give you each month the tools to grow and prosper in your Horse•Woman•Ship as well as your Every•Day•Life (individually $27/total $324 regular pricing)

✔ “Set & Achieve Your Goals”  Workshop to start the year with a solid plan and roadmap ($147 regular pricing)

PLEASE NOTE: The 30 Day Get Started with Inter-Connection Package is designed to (re)start our relationship from the moment you approach, from the ground up. Perfect for you if you want to get started with liberty! The course will also help you to determine whether your horse is mentally, emotionally and physically balanced, and what to do if she is not yet. This course is on the ground only - no riding!


Join the

  • Relationship (RE)Start: Confidence for Horse & Human Masterclass (with Lifetime Access) & Mentorship Package

at $500 off regular pricing during your check out - ONLY $497!




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LIMITED TIME: The Ultimate GET STARTED Package... Only $197!

My Love-it-or-Pay-Nothing Guarantee - MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS:

My goal is to give my highest level of support to a group of highly engaged and motivated students so I can facilitate positive change and transformation for human and horse. Please only buy this program if you are serious about making a difference for yourself as well as for your horse and you are willing to do 'the work'.

At the end of the year, when you absolutely loved it and you feel you have - with my help and support -  implemented life-changing, positive change & transformation in yourself as well as your horse: AWEsome, that's my goal and mission! Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the year so you keep your inaugural member pricing for LIFE!

If you've done your part (watched every workshop, participated in each bonus offer, filled out all worksheets, participated in the Q&A's as offered etc. etc. )...

But you feel you did not get any value, and I was not able to help you...

Then you'll simply send me an email, I will review your course participation and if completed, I will refund the entire program fee -  Pinky Finger Promise! All you invested then was your time. That's it!


ADD THE RELATIONSHIP (RE)Start: Confidence for Horse & Human Masterclass & Mentorship 10 Week Package and save $500:

➡️  ➡️  ➡️  ONLY $497 TODAY!! 

without the VIP PRICE TICKET,
it's like having Petra in your Pocket:

  • Four Weekly Group Meetings: Ask questions, bring your videos, learn from each other (Total 32 Meetings!)
  • One-on-One Video Coaching: Submit up to 10 minutes each week, happening during our kind, caring and support group meetings
  • One Implementation Week per Month : Focus on your personal goal - no meetings that week, ask as many questions as you like in the Community
  • Continued Access: Being a GENUINE CONNECTIONS member means you have access to the entire library of group meeting recordings (hundreds of hours of education at your finger tips!)
  • Community Support Group: Feel the love! Gather with female horse lovers around the world, aligned with your horsemanship values, beliefs and goals

PLUS The Relationship (Re)Start: Confidence for Horse & Human MASTERCLASS is packed with value: 

  • Over 100 easy, hands-on, bite-sized lessons - no overwhelm here!
  • 6 Growth Modules with step-by-step lessons, downloads, audio files, worksheets and more
  • 13 Downloadable Q&A Sessions
  • 9 Recorded Video Coaching Sessions with Students
  • Downloadable Body Awareness and Relaxation Audio
  • Made-for-You Worksheets
  • Community Support Group
  • SoulFire Farm Insider (Get the New Scoop First, including Discounts!)   


No more procrastination, doubt and frustration! You CAN create positive, lasting change: Apply the GENUINE CONNECTIONS LEAD Principles, step-by-step - provided in easy to digest, bite-sized junks, creating the transformation you've always been looking for.


Staying focused - one subject at a time - will make learning easy for you AND your horse - no overwhelm here with the EASY SIX Step-by-Step Modules:

  1. Application and Problem Solving with the Happy Horse Inventory

  2. Application and Problem Solving with the 3x Relaxation and RRC Concept: Rhythm, Relaxation & (Inter)Connection

  3. Application and Problem Solving with the "Is my Horse Rideable?" Pre-Ride-Safety-Sequence

  4. Spa-Week: Discover your stumbling blocks and thresholds and dissolve them

  5. Revisit Foundational Riding Skills so you can apply the concept of intent, energy & body language - on the ground and while riding

  6. Final Evaluation & Roadmap for continued clarity and focus

Of course you get Free Updates and Lifetime Access to the Masterclass - priceless!


 BONUS ONE: Half Hour One-on-One Strategy Roadmap Zoom Call with Petra: One Half Hour One-on-One Strategy Roadmap Zoom Call:
I am here to help and support you and your horse. Meet with me for one full hour to discuss your obstacles, dreams and goals creating your personal, totally customized Strategy Roadmap (VALUE $297)

BONUS TWO: One 'Set & Achieve Goals' Half Day Workshop: Stay on track by setting your 90 Day Goal & develop your personal roadmap strategy for you and your horse (VALUE $147/workshop)

BONUS THREE: 10 Theme Based Workshops Each workshop consists of at least one hour immersion education to solidify your knowledge

BONUS FOUR: You & Your Horse Can Canter Confidently 2022 Workshop Help your horse find Rhythm, Relaxation & Inter-Connection at the canter 

BONUS FIVE: Saddling 101 Sequence So many horses only tolerate the saddling process, this 4 part Video Series will help your horse to actually accept the saddle

BONUS SIX: Trailer Loading Prelude Downloadable PDF to set your horse up for success prior to trailer loading

and so much more...