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Hi! I'm Petra!

I consider myself a Solution and Path Finder, a Difference Maker, an Adventurer, an Entrepreneur, Life Artist and Strategist, and a never-ending Optimist.

Life is GOOD: As a matter of fact, I LOVE this amazing, crazy life and I am HERE to make a positive difference for humans and horses alike - and YOU!

Whether you are HERE to make your life better or change it completely, whether you are looking to transform your relationship with yourself and others and to improve the partnership with your horse, my mission is to inspire and empower YOU to realize and reach YOUR full potential, WHOLEHEARTEDLY! Learn more about me here.

A Word from my Mentor - Dr. Patrick Handley

If you are someone who is struggling to stick with a program and getting UNSTUCK, then Petra would be a great match! She can help you make a little rotation in your life that will take you to a whole new place down the road. Petra is one of those coaches that is willing to hang in there with you. She won’t give up, and that is so valuable!

Dr. Patrick Handley, Psychologist, Personality Assessment Expert, Founder of Insight Institute & Co-Founder of Humanality

So exactly... what is it I do?!

After more than 30 years of teaching humans and horses, it has become clear to me that everything we want to do, everything we want in life and everything we crave for starts by creating GENUINE CONNECTION - with our Self, our Horse and all the other Humans in our life.

HOW we show up in life, will formulate what we experience on a daily basis - in our HorseManShip as well as in EveryDay Life.

My mission is to lead a happy, healthy, joyful and fulfilled life.
My passion is to teach others to do the same. Come learn with me

  • HOW to provide a Natural Horse Habitat™ for your horse so SHE CAN be the partner you have always dreamed of
  • HOW to create physical, emotional and mental well-being for your Self and your horse, so both of you can live in BALANCE
  • HOW to read your horse's feedback so you can engage in a WHOLEHEARTED CONVERSATION with your equine partner
  • HOW to understand your Self better so YOU CAN be the partner your horse always wanted you to be

That's what the 4 Building Blocks to GENUINE CONNECTION are all about. We can HEAL our Self and our relationships in life when we willingly accept our horse’s feedback and their ability to be our teachers.

With much love, Petra

Genuine Connection... and the Four Building Blocks

Building Block One: Natural Horse Habitat™ -
Happy Horses make Happy Humans!

I created the first building block for those of you who own horses. It's about truly learning what our horses needs are and how can we fulfill them so THEY can have a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. It's about meeting the needs of the other species so they CAN be the partners we envision them to be...

Click here to learn more about Natural Horse Habitat™.

Building Block Two: Healthy Physiology -
Balance Mind, Body and Soul!

All of our systems have to be in balance in order to function well. Healthy Physiology is all about addressing our and the horses' body as a WHOLE. It is about understanding how our body and mind are intricately connected and how we can help our Self as well as the horse to be balanced in body, mind and soul.

Stay tuned as we develop this building block for a later release!

Building Block Three: WholeHearted Communication -
Find Subtle!

In nature, horses communicate with their intent, level of energy and body language. WholeHearted Communication means to refine your communication so you can create and share a meaningful CONVERSATION. It's about observing the other being, addressing their needs and creating a WholeHearted response that is centered, clear and comes from the heart. In Horsemanship as well as EveryDay Life.

Learn more about how to create "subtle" conversations by clicking here!

Building Block Four: Fearless Insight -
Unfold & Blossom!

As we learn how to communicate WholeHeartedly, we will also gain awareness and understanding why we humans do the things we do. When we learn how to willingly accept our horses' feedback, we will have the amazing opportunity and choice to address old patterns that no longer serve us. Discover how to create new, positive habits, that will change your HorseManShip AND your EveryDay Life.

Want to learn more? Click Here!

Testimonials - What Students say...

This course has transformed my life and relationships! Petra's openness, positivity, optimism, and enthusiasm in sharing her personal experiences and struggles were very heartening and encouraging; her responses to our online course questions were heartfelt, well-thought-out, and on target. She was also always available to talk to me about any issues or questions I had. My review cannot do sufficient justice to how phenomenal this course was; I can only recommend it extremely highly to anyone wanting to vastly improve the quality of his or her life!
Tina Urbahn, New Jersey
Thank you so much for all the hard, HARD work you are doing for the Humanality course, Petra. Your direction and inserts into the whole process are priceless and so beneficial… So proud to know you and so very grateful for your help in breathing new life into me. What a wonderful gift you are giving all of us to have this really awesome opportunity for self-discovery and enlightenment! THANK YOU!
Jacque Thaxton, Colorado
Petra you are an inspiration and a motivator. Please know that it takes a lot of TRUST to reach out. I am trusting you!
Jean Porter, Florida
Petra is insightful and inspiring. I am blessed to be a part of her life and courses. Thank you, Petra, for doing what you do: Helping us find solutions, unfold and blossom!
Nancy, Kansas

An Introduction to Each of the Genuine Collection Building Blocks

We value your privacy and would never spam you


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